Is Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor Good Enough?

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Getting ready for a new baby can be highly stressful. One of the most difficult tasks during a pregnancy is finding the best baby monitor.

You want something that will keep your baby safe, something with crystal clear sound, and something that will hold up over the years and even possibly from child to child.

Based on the ratings it gets from the numerous baby monitor reviews, Angelcare Sound Baby Monitor appears to be one of the best baby monitors that are currently available in the market. Just what can you expect from it? Read on to find out more about this popular baby monitor solution.

Review of Angelcare Sound Baby Monitor

Key Highlights

With a range of 820 feet and 8 channels to broadcast the clearest sound possible, the Angelcare baby monitor works well in larger houses. Based on the reviews shared by parents who have owned this unit, Angelcare Sound monitor works through multiple rooms.

One feature that often gets highlighted in any review about this baby audio monitor from Angelcare is its “out of range” indicator. The indicator ensures that you will not go so far that you lose reception. And should that happen, it makes you aware of it.

The Angelcare baby monitor reviews praise the device for clear reception and for offering the all the necessary mechanisms to let Mom and Dad know that baby is alright and safe and sound.

Should the power fail in the middle of the night, you can keep sleeping soundly knowing that there are battery backups to this baby monitor. You will still be able to hear if your baby is distressed.

White Noise Filter

Sometimes parents like to leave a sound machine on in their child’s room. Maybe your child sleeps better with white noise on in the background but you don’t necessarily desire to share that comfort.

The Angelcare Sound Baby Monitor has a function so you can tune out background noise and it will only turn on if baby starts fussing. You can adjust the microphone sensitivity along with the sound level on the hand unit.

The combination of intelligent sound and movement detector allows Angelcare to create an infant monitor solution that does away with all the bells and whistles. It doesn’t have the advanced features normally found on the more expensive range such as Infant Optic DXR-8.

Yet, it still deliver on the crucial task that matters the most – informing you when your baby starts to make movement and sounds.

Little details that make it Great

With the hand unit, you’ll be able to gather information on what’s happening with a glace at the display. The display features a temperature reading of your child’s room to let you know how comfortable it is.

It also includes a sound indicator to let you know how intense their cry is. You’ll know if it’s just a little whimper or an intense cry that calls for immediate attention. The hand unit has a rechargeable base for easy charging.

On the child’s side of the monitor, there is a night-light on the nursery unit to help soothe baby in the dark. This can also help you if you need to go into your child’s room. No need to turn on a bright, harsh light when you have the night light on.

Few things to consider

Now for some of the cons that people bring up in the baby monitor reviews. The most common complains about this monitor are things like the display being difficult to read while laying down.

You may not be able to simply glance at this while laying in bed and may need to physically pick it up to look at it and see the display clearly. Another con is that it only comes with one receiver. Some people may prefer or need multiple.

One of the bigger complaints that deserves some attention is that the “out of range” indicator can be turned off from the monitoring unit in the baby’s room. If this is done, there is NO indication on the handheld unit that it has been shut off.

In a Nutshell

So after all has been said, it appears from the baby monitor reviews that most parents are generally satisfied with this basic monitor.

Nonetheless, every parent should review the pros and cons to decide if this is the right solution for them, their home, and their baby. If you are certain that a basic movement and sound monitor is all you need, don’t forget to check out Sony Baby Call Nursery monitor as it would be the next best alternative to this model offered by Angelcare.

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