BabyPing Secure Baby Monitor: The Popular New Kids on the Block

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Babyping secure wifi baby monitor reviews

Wireless signals bounce round every room of today’s modern homes, and that includes the nursery.

Wi-Fi routers and cellular devices carry the bulk of those messages for communications and informational needs, but the BabyPing Secure Wi-Fi Baby Monitor is cutting in on the action by hooking into these signals to create a digital conduit between a slumbering baby and his or her concerned parents.

BabyPing is a Newcomer. Does it Pack Enough Punch to be a Good Baby Monitor Investment?

BabyPing Secure Wi-Fi Baby Monitor at a Glance

The BabyPing takes advantage of the network of Wi-Fi ones and zeros buzzing through the air by outfitting a 6.5 x 8.9 x 3 inch square camera module with wireless technology, a route many of the best baby monitor models on the market are taking to keep up with the advent of the mobile revolution.

The operational principle isn’t complicated, thank goodness. Instead, the design is engineered to adopt the Apple model of simple connectivity, hooking iPhones and iPads to the camera and associated electronics within the module with minimal effort.

Now, baby monitor reviews are full of monitors that take on this approach, but the BabyPing has narrowed its scope by sticking with the iOS platform.

On the one hand, this design is alienating Android users, but the packaging does clearly state the monitor is built for Apple devices, for a platform that has grown beyond all reckoning.

The downloadable App thus comes from the Apple store framework and no other operating system.

Demonstration of how BabyPing Secure baby monitor worksImage of BabyPing deployment in infant bedroom

It’s Made for Apple Users

This singular approach could be seen as a drawback, but the huge Apple base of users out there, and there are millions of them, can enjoy a list of top features as found only on premier baby monitor reviews.

There’s a high-quality video and audio component to relay from the BabyPing module to the App called up on your iPad or iPhone. Night vision is standard, a blessed addition and essential part of what could be one of the best baby monitor devices available today.

Having said that, I have noticed a few more drawbacks worthy of mention. Stability is the name of the game here, a huge factor for anxious parents, and this unit has been known to be either unresponsive or slow to connect on a network.

Dropped connections abound, an issue that users will need to troubleshoot and resolve with a network check or a call to the the manufacturer’s helpline.

Picture of Junior design award winner for Babyping secure baby monitorProduct image of Babyping video baby monitor

Setting Up is a Breeze

Moving on from the connectivity issue, Wi-Fi hookups are a heavily featured part of the functionality of the BabyPing Secure Wi-Fi Baby Monitor, but the App is also designed for outdoor usage.

Leave baby with a teenage sitter and know he or she has that extra layer of care by checking the monitor on your iPhone while at a restaurant, all thanks to the internet connection, a connectivity model that works across 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi hotspots.

I found the full color display sharp and detailed, the audio free of interference due to the built-in smart filter, but there was still the occasional dropped signal to deal with.

Thankfully, an alert system warned of dropped connections and the sound of crying also raised an alert, an invaluable feature in considering the best baby monitor.

Security Issue

Security is the final piece of the puzzle here, a revitalized segment for privacy in the baby monitor reviews arena. This security prevents prying eyes from cutting in to your precious bundles sleeping form and completes a well-rounded list of extras.

The setup is ridiculously easy, completed in five steps, the alerts tailor to the usage patterns of the owner of the App, and pricing is competitive.

Buy in confidence but balance the sound build of the module against those reported network issues.

Image credit Jessica Pankratz

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