The Best Sleeping Positions for Your Baby

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Best sleeping position for babies

Most parents who have a new baby will look for the best baby monitor. They will also probably be wondering the best position for their baby to sleep in. Whether you are a parent who chooses to use a baby monitor or not, it is a good idea to know the best position for your baby to sleep in.

There are many baby monitor reviews that will tell you that you do not have to worry about the sleeping position of your baby as long as you are using a monitor, but you should always understand what is best for your baby.

The most widely recognized phrase when it comes to the position a baby should sleep is “back is best”.

Most Recommended Baby Sleeping Position

Most physicians recommend that a baby should sleep on their back until they are old enough to roll over on their own. The back is the best sleeping position for the baby and can help prevent loss of air to the baby.

Stomach sleeping and side sleeping can be difficult for the baby to breathe and can create a blockage of the airways. Whether you have the best baby monitor or no monitor at all, you should always place your baby on his or her back to go to sleep to help reduce the chance of SIDS, to help reduce the instances of acid reflux and to make your baby safer while he or she is in the crib.

No matter what the age of your baby, it is important to check with your physician for specific instructions if they suffer from severe acid reflux, because putting your baby on his or her back with acid reflux can increase the chances of choking during sleep.

As Your Baby Gets Older

As a baby gets older, he or she should be able to turn over on their own. They may do this in their sleep and will probably change positions. Whether your baby is able to turn him or herself over throughout the night, it is still important to put them on their back.

Doing so will ensure that they are comfortable and that they start in a position that will enable them to roll over. By the time babies are old enough to roll over on their own, they should be able to recognize that their body is in distress from sleeping on their stomach and roll over if they need oxygen.

Side Sleeping Position

Side Sleeping Position

Don’t Forget to Clear Hazardous Materials

There are some products that may be included in baby monitor reviews that claim to help the baby be safer on his or her back, but parents should be aware that these products can actually contribute to the baby dying from SIDS.

The only device a parent should use to make sure that their child is alright throughout the night is a baby monitor. The monitor that you choose to use should be placed far enough away from your child’s crib area that they will not be able to grab at it and hurt themselves with the cord in the night.

If you are using a video baby monitor, be sure that you place it in a position that you will be able to see your child through the night.

In Summary

Whether you are a brand new parent or a parent looking at baby monitor reviews for the first time, you and your baby can benefit from the knowledge that sleeping on the back is the best.

Even parents who have the best baby monitor in the world should make sure that their baby is sleeping on his or her back to ensure that they are safe and will not suffocate from stomach sleeping.

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