Does Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitor Make Good Baby Monitor?

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The Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera is a versatile video camera system that can be used for a wide range of applications. And one of the applications is what many parents of newborns are interested in – to keep a close watch out of their little angels.

I purchased the camera after conducting a search for the best baby monitor for my young daughter. Rather than purchasing an older infant monitor that only gives audio feedback, I figured I would give a newer Wi-Fi camera device a try.

I used the device on both on my iPhone and iPad to keep an eye on my daughter while away doing chores around the house. In this review I will explain how I used the device and my thoughts on it to help parents decide if the Dropcam is right for them.

How Good is Dropcam Pro Video Monitoring System?

Interesting Features

The Dropcam Pro video monitoring system is designed to offer live streaming video across many different devices and to enable two-way communication.

Rather than just a static video camera that only allows a parent to passively watch, this camera actually permits the viewer to communicate by using the internal speaker inside the camera. I was able to use this feature to communicate with my daughter while she was in the play room and I was downstairs doing laundry.

View of Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera from the backPicture of Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Solution from the side

Another interesting feature is the night vision capabilities that are built into the device. The device uses infrared LED lighting to illuminate a room without needing to disturb a sleeping child.

While most baby monitor reviews talk about using the device for a young child, it can certainly be used for other applications like home security or using the device as a webcam.

What’s Good about Dropcam Pro

I really liked being able to get video feedback from the device instead of only audio. I used to use an older baby monitor that only had sound, and I would frequently find myself wasting a trip to my daughter’s room only to wake her up for no reason.

Illustration of how Dropcam Pro Baby Video Monitor WorksEasy recording with Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera

This was frustrating for both of us, and when looking for the best baby monitor to solve this problem these features certainly make the Dropcam worthy of consideration.

I also like how easy the camera is to use. While other devices might require a user to hire a professional in order to get it working, I was able to simply install an application on my iPad and it was working in under 10 minutes.

Where it Fares Less Favorably

I have to agree with other baby monitor reviews that the Dropcam has a few disadvantages compared to other devices. While the device lets users zoom in, I thought that it would be nice if I could zoom in a bit faster.

Detailed view of Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video Baby MonitorCloser look at Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera

When zoomed in, the Dropcam can be difficult to control, especially on a mobile device. Users will experience latency between the time that they actually trigger the camera’s movement and the time that the camera actually responds.

While this might be a natural problem associated with an Internet connection and Wi-Fi, it would still be nice if the company could find a way to improve these problems. I would also like to see a screen on the other end so that my daughter can see my face and feel more comfortable having a two way conversation.

The absence of night light is also an inherent shortcoming of the Dropcam Pro system. This is understandable since the system is not designed to be a dedicated baby monitor solution. If this feature is important to you, Levana Babyview20 is something you might want to consider.

In Conclusion

Overall, I was quite satisfied with the Dropcam despite some of its shortfalls.

I really like how I can see my daughter while she is sleeping even in the darkness of night. I also like how I could communicate directly with my daughter without having to take a trip upstairs simply by using the internal speaker. Finally, I like how the device was easy to use and setup was simple.

As you do your baby monitor reviews, you will find some parents are in favor of it while others are not. The fact that this is not designed to be a dedicated baby monitor solution makes it lack certain such features as the night light that some parents find highly useful.

So, do you think you have found the perfect baby monitor in Dropcam Pro? Let me know in the comments below.

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