What is to Love about Levana BabyView20 Baby Monitor

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Like any parent, I want to keep an eye on my baby without spoiling her, and I’d love to watch a movie on the couch without feeling guilty about leaving her alone.

The Levana BABYVIEW20 is a digital video and audio baby monitor, designed by a company which specializes in video security products, that lets me see and hear what’s going on in the crib.

With extensive consultation from and testing with real parents, Levana’s brand has invoked a Roman goddess of childbirth to affirm that I can have hi-tech help in watching over my children.

Do you need, or want the help of a goddess? Do you need an electric eyeball? Perusing baby monitor reviews will help you to consider if video and audio are needed, and whether this is the best baby monitor to use; I can see what worked for other parents, and can judge for myself.

Is Levana Babyview20 a Winner?

On Camera Quality

A camera with night vision and motion sensing (how cool is that?) is very good for keeping tabs on an infant who is just learning to settle herself.

Although you can’t zoom or adjust the color or sound sensitivity, the quality is more than adequate for what I need – knowing if the baby is awake or asleep, or if she’s crying.

If she’s old enough to move around the crib some, I want her to be able to find sleep on her own, a trial and error process that I don’t want to interrupt until absolutely necessary.

Zoom in view of Levana BABYVIEW20 Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Night LightPlacement of popular Levana Babyview20 baby monitor

On Battery Life

The BABYVIEW20 comes with AC adapters for both the camera and monitor. Though the camera will run on AAA batteries, battery life is only specified as 4-1/2 hours.

Happily, a mounting bracket is also included, which swivels in two directions. So, between moving the crib and moving the camera it should be fairly easy to get a clear shot from within range of an outlet.

The adapter for the monitor recharges its Li-ion batteries, so no trouble there. It recharges your own batteries when you can go relax on the patio or in the living room, knowing that if the baby needs you, you’ll know.

Pan and tilt design of Levana BABYVIEW20 Video Baby Monitor with Night LightNight light in Levana Babyview20

On Range Coverage

That said, some baby monitor reviews for the BABYVIEW20 expressed a long range, others a shorter range for the monitor’s digital signal. I suppose the best point to take from this is to consider the area when determining if this is the best baby monitor to use.

Generally speaking, the digital signal band used is shared by many other kinds of devices including microwave ovens, fluorescent lights, garage door openers, WiFi devices and cordless phones. Some of these devices can reduce the range of a monitor using digital signals.

Take note that different homes have different level of interference. That is why don’t be surprise if you find some parents complaining about the disappointing range of what is supposed to be the best baby monitor to some other parents.

Image of receiver unit of Levana Babyview20 infant monitorConvenient table placement with Levana BABYVIEW20 Baby Monitor

A Lullaby Music Player

The inclusion of a night light in the BABYVIEW20 can be a nice add-on, even if you already have a night light in the room, although it can’t be turned on or off through the monitor.

I’m still on the fence about playing music, but any of three lullabies can be activated, changed or deactivated remotely from the monitor.

The tunes play through the camera. The volume isn’t adjustable, and this may be something to think about. Nevertheless, remote music is a nice feature to have available.

Once you’ve decided to go for the full surveillance package, pay as much attention to baby monitor reviews as to the list of features. Soon your little one will be sleeping through the night.

Until then, I hope this information aids in the search for the ultimate baby monitor for your situation, and the comfort of your baby.

Image credit: Daniel Rothamel

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