Is iBaby Monitor Worthy of its Name?

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For most parents, a “good” baby monitor simply won’t cut it. They want the best baby monitor for their newborn. After all, after having the little guy safely tucked away in his mommy’s womb for a full nine months, his release into the world can be both exciting and a little bit scary.

Reading baby monitor reviews is a great way to learn more about the products on the market today, and the iBaby Monitor is one such product.

Baby monitor reviews for iBaby are a mix batch, but a full examination of the boasted features of this monitor is warranted before deeming this product the best baby monitor out there today.

A Take on iBaby Baby Monitor

Key features at a glance

As indicated by its name, this product packs a lot of desirable features all into one unit. iBaby is fully compatible with any iOS device.

Both day and night viewing is available, allowing you peace of mind even when your little one is sleeping in the dark. The camera can be remote controlled through your iOS device as well; this feature can be especially beneficial for parents who may want to keep updated on a baby that has rolled over in his/her sleep.

The panning function goes through an impressive 350 degrees while the camera tilt ability is up to 70 degrees. Unlike some units that only have one-way audio (to enable parents to hear a child’s crying), iBaby features two-way audio so that parents can attempt to soothe their child without actually being in the same room.

Highlights of the Pros

Obviously the fact that this unit is compatible with any iOS device is definitely a huge “pro,” since it lets users keep updated on their babies at the convenience of a device they’re probably already carrying with them. This product is also compatible with numerous Android devices as well.

Additionally, iBaby can be connected to multiple users through its login system, so both parents can simultaneously view their baby if desired. Pictures and videos can be easily snapped through this app as well.

The fact that the camera can be digitally and remotely adjusted to focus in on a moving child is definitely an appreciated feature, as is the two-way audio system.

Side view of iBaby Monitor M3s Wireless Digital Baby video MonitoriBaby Monitor M3s in tilt position

Highlights of the Cons

Even though this unit is fully compatible with iOS devices (and many Android options), users complained that sometimes they would experience server errors with the connection between their devices and their baby monitors. During such periods, they were unable to login to their baby monitor accounts—an issue that pretty much made their baby monitors useless during that time.

Others complained that the design of the iBaby app was clunky and non user-friendly. Therefore, between the server issues and the app interface, it seems that some more fine-tuning could be done before this product is really considered to be an optimal option by most consumers.

Additionally, since this product requires some form of Wifi connection to work, any problem with your Wifi connection would mean not being able to use iBaby. Finally, the price tag on the iBaby Monitor is pretty hefty.

But given the rich set of features, the price tag is somewhat still justifiable. While it is more expensive than the more basic option such as the popular Foscam FBM3501, there are such models Motorola MBP36 which are in the even higher end of the price spectrum.

Detailed side view of iBaby Monitor M3s video Baby MonitorConnection port of iBaby Monitor M3s Digital Baby Monitor


Overall, the iBaby Monitor-Wireless Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision and Two-Way Audio offers some exciting features. However, many consumers’ baby monitor reviews agree that better network service is necessary before it can really be recommended as an ideal product.

At the same time, anyone who is interested in a baby monitor that can be hooked up to her/his iOS (or Android) devices may still be interested in this option. Basically, whether or not the iBaby Monitor is the best baby monitor for you will probably just depend on your personal preferences.

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