Levana Oma+ Helps You Detect Your Baby Movement

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Adventures in parenting bring endless days of rewarding happiness, but there’s also a burden involved, one related to the fact that newborns and young infants lack well-defined sleep patterns.

The Levana Oma+ baby monitor takes the bulk of this responsibility away from a nervous mom and dad by clipping on to the diaper of the baby. It monitors healthy movement and sends out a loud alarm if that movement isn’t sensed for a predefined period of time.

In-depth Look at Levana Oma+ Clip On Baby Monitor

How It Works

I can hold this clip-on movement monitor between two fingers easily enough and understand the peace of mind this technological aid brings tired parents in scenarios where every second counts.

It’s molded from a soft plastic and shaped with no edges, so it doesn’t irritate the soft skin of a baby while he or she wriggles in the cot.

A simple pair of power buttons and a series of intuitively positioned indicator lights means there’s no need to search through manuals to explain an illuminated LED. That’s a plus in baby monitoring and a philosophy that’s followed in many baby monitor reviews.

After all, selecting the best baby monitor should be based on the implementation of invaluable features not on a long list of novelty functions. The design is logically put into effect and there’s no perplexing functions to master. Turn it on, clip the movement monitor to the diaper, and get some rest while the device does its job.

Vibration Stimulant

One proactive feature worthy of note, a function parents will view as a huge boon in their search for the best baby monitor, is a vibration alert designed to stimulate a motionless baby.

The vibrating action of the Levana monitor gently touches the infants stomach and rouses the child if there’s been no motion for 15-seconds. If normal abdominal movement still hasn’t commenced after 20-seconds, a loud beep is triggered to gain the attention of nearby parents.

I’d hope this is a false alarm and baby is fine, but the baby monitor can’t make that judgment call. It’s up to parents to check the infant or call 911 if necessary.

I did observe that the monitor is more designed for newborns than active babies, for infants with possible sleep apnea issues or other sleep pattern irregularities.

I think this is one consideration that every parent considering to purchase Lenava Oma+ needs to know but one that is often left out in most baby monitor reviews.

Size illustration of Levana Oma+ Clip-On Portable Baby Movement Monitor with Vibration AlertSide clip view of Levana Oma+ Clip-On Portable Baby Movement Monitor

Movement Pattern Warning

There’s a secondary mode of operation that’s activated by default. This mode tracks weak and suspect movement, issuing a flashing orange light and a warning tone if movement stops more than 8 times within a minute.

That’s a handy feature but there is a negative worth mentioning. This is the annoying possibility of the monitor crying wolf when not positioned close to the stomach and securely fitted to the diaper.

It’s not as if a parent can ever ignore a false alarm, so these needless triggers could become exhausting. My only recommendation, and one that deservedly keeps the Levana monitor on the shortlist for best baby monitors, is to spend an extra minute ensuring both the diaper and the clip-on mechanism of the movement monitor is secure.


With no wires to worry about, an extended battery life, and a timed vibration alert activating proactively before an attention-grabbing audio alert, the Levana Oma+ clip-on baby monitor fulfills its purpose as an electronic guardian sitting comfortably on the tummy of a young baby. It’s sensitive to the smallest movement, offering the peace of mind that’s an essential component of baby monitor reviews and is a worthy selection for parents worrying over infant breathing difficulties.

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