Levana Sophia Digital Video Baby Monitor Reviews

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A baby is a joy and an exciting new member of any household.

However, watching your little one constantly can be a bit exhausting, particularly when there are other things that you need to get done around your house.

Because of this, many parents turn online to do their baby monitor research in order to determine the best baby monitor for their family’s needs.

For many, the Levana Sofia Digital Baby Monitor is a top candidate for the best baby monitor. This is something that is evident based on the many positive review ratings that it has been getting.

Picture of Levana sophia video baby monitor

Levana Sophia Digital Video Baby Monitor
A Highly Rated Video Baby Monitor

How Well do You Know about Levana Sophia Video Baby Monitor?


The Levana Sofia Digital Baby Monitor features two-way communication capabilities, allowing parents to soothe their little ones remotely if necessary.

ClearVu technology provides a clear digital signal up to 500 feet away, and the Sofia interface is promised to be completely secure.

Up to four cameras can be used with one unit, allowing parents to install multiple units in order to keep track of activity in more than one room at once.

A remotely controlled night light is also built in to the camera unit, and monitor screens can be adjusted to allow for optimal brightness settings in different lighting if desired.

An LED volume indicator provides parents with a visual representation of the volume of the noises coming from their child’s room, in addition to the regularly transmitted noise sounds.

The unit also features room temperature monitoring capabilities.

Detailed image of Levana sophia digital video baby monitorCamera unit of Levana Sophia baby monitor


As a whole, this product definitely has a good numbers of “pros” to its design.

With the exception of Infant Optics DXR-8, the picture quality (including the “night vision” option) on the Levana Sophia is clearer than that of many other baby monitors.

Sound quality is also appropriately clear, allowing parents to feel safe in knowing that their baby monitor really will pick up any sounds from their baby’s room.

Additionally, being able to use multiple cameras with just one unit is a wonderful feature for a baby monitor system to offer.

Finally, being able to monitor the temperature in the baby’s room is also a great feature, as it provides parents with additional information about their little one’s environment when they themselves are in other parts of the home.

This is what I would considered to be the best alternative to the Philips AVENT SCD535-00 DECT baby monitor. They both have similar features (including the temperature monitor) but the Levana Sophia is more attractive in terms of its price.

Side view of Levana Sophia baby video monitorPicture of Complete set of Levana Sophia


However, like most products, this baby monitor has a few drawbacks to its design as well.

Several users complain that using this product was not as intuitive as they would have ideally liked it to be, and others stated that they seemed to have some issues with the WiFi in their homes after setting it up.

Specifically speaking, using this product seemed to make using any other “intense” internet usage at the same time in a home practically impossible.

Also, for anyone who does not already have WiFi in his/her home, this product simply would not be a practical purchase.

Additionally, even though the majority of customers seemed pleased with the longevity of their Levana Sofia Digital Baby Monitor unit, others complained that their products stopped working for no readily explainable reason after just a few months of use.


Overall, it really is fairly easy to see why so many baby monitor reviews speak favorably of the Levana Sofia Digital Baby Monitor.

Both video and audio transmission works well with this product, allowing the unit to serve its primary purposes quite well.

While it obviously won’t be the best baby monitor for every family, it definitely offers many features that will be appreciated by many.

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