Levana Jena is the Probably the Longest Lasting Baby Monitor

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My husband and I just had our first baby, so we get a lot of advice from other, more experienced parents often. One thing we wanted to do right for sure was to have the best baby monitor possible.

So many people recommended the Levana Jena Digital Video Monitor that we just had to check it out. After reading baby monitor reviews, and taking our friends’ opinions into consideration, we went shopping.

Let me share what I learned about Levana Jena digital baby video monitor.

Is Levana Jena worth Your $$$?

On video streaming quality

My husband is a technology guru, so when we went shopping he was comparing the technological features of the Levana Jena monitor to others on the shelves.

First of all, we loved the idea of a video feed. We can hear and see into the nursery at any time, and the Levana actually has the capability of adding a secondary camera so that you can see your baby’s room from more than one angle.

The cameras also have a fifteen foot range for night vision. The cameras are mountable to just about any surface, so we can get the best view possible of our baby in the nursery. And it is all wireless, so no worries about little ones getting hold of cords, either.

TIlting angles of Levana Jena Digital Baby Video MonitorSide picture of Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor

That was a big plus for us. Our only complaint here is the night vision. The picture gets really grainy unless you move the camera closer to your baby’s bed.

My husband ended up mounting ours on the wall directly above the baby bed which improved video quality tremendously. Plus the digital video is in color, which is amazing.

Levana Jena as Lullaby music playerDocking of Levana Jena Baby monitor receiver

It allows 2-way communication

The Levana Jena Digital Video monitor also comes equipped with sound, so that you can hear your baby from anywhere in your home. It has 100% private signal with a range of five hundred feet.

It also features the “talk to baby intercom” technology which allows you to speak to your baby through the monitor.

We didn’t think we would use this feature but it turns out it’s our favorite part of the Levana baby monitor! Sometimes just the sound of Mom or Dad’s voice is enough to calm a baby back to sleep.

Detailed picture of Levana Jena baby monitorBack picture of Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor

It lets you monitor temperature too!

The Levana Jena set up includes temperature monitoring of your baby’s room, so you know what it is at a glance without having to get up or disturb the baby to check it.

According to Parents.com’s Dr. Alan Greene, MD your baby’s room should be between 65 and 70 degrees for optimal sleeping conditions. Babies like the cooler air temperature but at the same time to be snuggled up in the covers, just like we do!

Other Features

The Levana Jena Digital Video Baby Monitor also comes with an eight hour rechargeable battery which is very easy to switch out. The Levana Jean is also made here in the U.S., which my husband and I feel very strongly about.

I liked the way the Levana Jena is designed to be very low profile. Its shape and appearance are sleek and modern but is very subtle. You almost have to look for it to see it. The color monitor on the handset lets you know exactly what your baby is doing at a glance.

Make Your Choice

Many parents, both new and experienced, say they don’t need it but found themselves couldn’t live without their baby monitors after they start using it.

The best baby monitors can be found by reading baby monitor reviews, talking to other parents, and being an educated shopper.

Just like Infant Optics, Levana is a brand that specializes in nothing but baby monitor. While the Infant Optics has so far only introduced two models – DXR-5 and DXR-8, Levana has introduced significantly more under its sleeves.

Compared to the brand’s other popular product – Levana Babyview20, Levana Jena seems to be more favorably rated. But what do you think?

Do you think you Levana Jena is the ultimate baby monitor or does this review leaves you searching for alternatives? Let me know in the comments below.

Image credit: Minoru Nitta

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