Lorex Care ‘n Share: A Baby Monitor + Instagram?

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A parent switches the biological umbilical cord for a technological replacement when caring for infants at home. This way, a concerned mommy can check in and see if the little one is sleeping while making a meal in the kitchen, or dad can take over and keep a wary eye on junior while his exhausted partner rests.

All of this takes place thanks to a compact handset linked wirelessly to a high-tech surveillance camera. Lorex BB3525 Care ‘n Share is one baby monitor solution that is being offered by one of the leading security camera makers. But can a security maker manufacturer makes good baby monitor? Let’s find out.

Is Lorex Care ‘n Share a Good Baby Monitor?

Essential Features

The hardware in this baby monitoring solution comes in the form of the Lorex BB3525 Care ‘n Share Baby Monitor. I’d describe this as a multi-function video system that utilizes wireless connectivity to simplify the link between the hardware unit and a single camera, through additional cameras can be added to the setup.

The term multi-function may seem an unusual choice of words to describe this baby monitor, but I feel it fits. Focusing on the handset for a moment, the unit offers a wealth of features. Two-way communication is a common feature in baby monitor reviews, but the feature is improved upon here with the addition of nature sounds.

Five nature sounds play from the camera, giving parents the choice between lulling a restless child back to sleep with their own voices or with sounds of nature. The tracks can be changed remotely from the handset.

Key Technology

Moving on to the unobtrusive camera, the spherical sentinel features optics than can zoom in to check on a baby, and silent motors to drive the lens left and right, up and down, tracking the child or scrutinizing the entire nursery.

Already, these few features are moving this model upward on our list, a list crowded with possible winners for best baby monitor. But I’m not finished covering features yet, and baby monitor reviews demand a comprehensive breakdown considering the importance of this household device in caring for the very young.

The next worthy mention is the portable and easy to use surveillance display. I’d say it’s a good size to carry around. It can be propped up by a plastic stand on the rear of the unit. Viewing the nursery through the clear display is a joy, especially considering the choice of either a 3.5″ or 4.3″ LCD screen.

The wireless connecting standard used to link the camera and handset is an RF signal, radio frequency, but the manufacturer includes an option to control the camera from an App. This is where some niggling problems were encountered. The App had trouble communicating with the camera, not a good way to reach the best baby monitor shortlist.

Zoom in view of Lorex BB3525 Care n Share Baby Monitor with Auto-Tracking Pan and Tilt CameraLorex BB3525 Care n Share Baby Monitor with Auto-Tracking Pan and Tilt Camera

Camera Control

The features continue apace with “Snap ‘n’ Share Technology,” a facility for taking snapshots of cute moments as viewed on the camera, though a micro SD memory card is required to take advantage of the feature. The zoom seems a touch slow to me.

One thing that has been mentioned in a number of baby monitor reviews is the joystick size that is used to move the camera. Even though I don’t have a very big hand, I think its size is still a bit small and doesn’t give sturdy feeling.

As with many other child surveillance systems entering the market, a single camera is just the starting point. Add up to three more cameras and activate quad view on the handheld display to keep watch over the whole family.


With two-way talk, audio only operation, a 450-ft range, room temperature monitoring, and a black and white night vision mode, the BB3525 Care ‘n Share Baby Monitor is in good company with other contenders in the best baby monitor category.

The final decision is up to the parents, but, despite a few quality issues, this unit is a compelling choice judging on the long list of features alone.

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