Mimo Smart Baby Monitor Starter Kit: A Futuristic Baby Monitor Solution

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Mimo smart baby monitor starter kit reviews

Anyone who has a baby knows that it is important to have a good eye on the baby no matter what- in fact, even people who don’t have babies understand how important it can be to watch out for your baby all of the time.

A baby monitor is perfect for parents who let their children sleep in other rooms and allow their children to spend time when they are alone.

Most baby monitor reviews show that parents use the monitors at night when the children are sleeping to keep an eye on them. They do this to ensure that they are not going to be in danger while sleeping and they often want the best baby monitor for this specific purpose.

Understanding How Good is the Little Known Mimo Smart Baby Monitor

It’s a Futuristic Device

A typical baby monitor found in baby monitor reviews would be something like an audio or video camera set up next to the baby’s bed and many parents consider this to be the best baby monitor for their needs, but the Mimo Smart Baby monitor is something that many parents will find to be unbelievable and completely futuristic.

It is something that is innovative and creative, it also allows parents to understand different things about their baby that a typical monitor would not tell them.

How It Works

The monitor works by showing the parents different information about the child on a smartphone application. This application can be downloaded on a phone or on a tablet and can also be looked at on the computer. (The Android version is available here and the Apple iOS version is available here)

Picture of Mimo smart baby monitor in useDemonstration of how Mimo smart baby monitor start kit works

The company has figured that most people’s lives are streamlined onto phones and tablets and they include this with their baby monitors.

You can use your smartphone to monitor your baby’s breathing, moving and even sleeping patterns- making it a hyperaware baby monitor that is able to do much more than the typical monitors that are found on the market.

The monitor works by putting your baby in one of the androgynous onesie kimonos. These feature a small green design on a white background and are very comfortable for babies.

They are great for boys or girls and have a simple design. They are typically made for babies to sleep in so they are very comfortable. The USB bluetooth transmitter then attaches to the onesie.

It is a small turtle shaped device that sends information to the phone or to the tablet that the parent is watching. It will show real time updates on the baby’s breathing and will make alerts if there are issues.

Close up view of Mimo smart baby monitor starter kitPhoto of brand new box of Mimo smart baby monitor starter kit

Some Limitations

One of the biggest things that parents have when they are doing baby monitor reviews of this product is that it does not have a separate way to view the child.

You do not get a bird’s eye view of your child and you will not be able to look at what they are doing. You must simply rely on the bluetooth giving you information about how the child is breathing and moving and what they are doing.

It may not be the best baby monitor for your own needs if you prefer to watch your child. It also has no way to know what is going on without the smartphone app or the tablet app installed and connected on the same network as the bluetooth.

If you are looking for the best monitor for your needs, you need to make sure that you consider all of the options that you have. Just because you are used to a typical monitor does not mean that it is the one you should have to choose. Make sure you think about the new and innovative ways to keep a virtual eye on your baby.

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