Can Graco Secure Coverage Give You a Peace of Mind?

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If the thought of impending parenthood gives you pause, wait until you start shopping for baby! It’s fun. It’s overwhelming. Who knew a tiny creature needed this much stuff?

But of all the items you pick, the most important are products that keep your child safe: Wall socket plugs. Safety car seats. At the top of lists parents-to-be make are finding the best baby monitor.

Short of hovering over your infant (you’ll have opportunities to excel at this once she’s in school) a well-designed baby monitor can even enhance décor while transmitting coos, giggles and whimpers coming from that tiny creature in the nursery.

Graco may be popular for its bassinet and stroller. But what about its baby monitor solution? Let’s check and find out.

Is Graco Secure Coverage any Good?

It is made by highly reputable manufacturer

Do Your Homework. There’s no mystery here: the best baby monitor of all is the one that meets your criteria and baby monitor reviews can be especially helpful. But it’s also wise to review brand pedigrees.

The Graco brand was launched by Russell Gray and Robert Cone in 1942. Gray was replaced by David Saint in 1953. The father of nine invented the first wind-up infant swing, yet sales numbers were modestly projected by Graco’s marketing department at 10,000. Could number crunchers be this far off? You bet.

Millions of Graco swings sold, earning the firm the title of ‘world’s leading juvenile product manufacturer.’ Given so prestigious a history, when the Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor arrived on retailer shelves, moms and dads already familiar with Graco sat up and took notice.

Where It Excels

With so many choices thrust upon you when you seek the best baby monitor, you may get confused, so consider this review your Cliff’s Notes. The Secure Coverage Digital Monitor offers clarity, privacy and excellent performance.

Operating on 900 MHz frequency, Graco Secure Coverage digital baby monitor is less prone to interference from say Foscam FBM3501 or Motorola MBP-36 that operates on 2.4GHz frequency. In the 2.4GHz frequency, potential disruption may come from existing WiFi set-up, microwave oven or even cordless phone.

The Graco monitor range averages 2,000-feet; no worries about confining yourself to a small space so you don’t miss hearing baby. How important is this? Ask parents fearful of stepping outside small monitoring zones of the past.

The Graco Secure represents a critical improvement over yesterday’s monitors and today’s Secure vibrates quietly to advise baby sitters and parents that the child is awake. Use a dry cloth to keep the unit pristine. Finally, according to baby monitor reviewers, this Graco monitor comes with an excellent warranty for worry-wart parents.

Where It Comes Short

Parents taking time to write consumer reviews aren’t shy about posting their thoughts on Secure Coverage Digital Monitors they’ve owned. Battery life issues have arisen often enough to alarm parents fearful of problems with the unit’s battery/charging system.

On the other hand, one reviewer tested seven monitors before choosing Graco, but invariably, reviews return to complaints about “low charge power.” Some recommend keeping the Graco Secure plugged in to avoid issues resulting from power pack malfunctions.

In the Nutshell

With so many baby monitors to consider, take this advice from seasoned parents: Relax. Practice the Zen of Baby Stuff. Adopt this mantra: Keep your receipt, test the Graco under various circumstances–power pack and direct plug—and if everything goes smoothly, your job is done.

If that’s not your experience, return the Graco within the time limit posted on your receipt. In the case of either a bad or great Graco Secure experience, your feedback and opinions can be priceless, so add your two cents to as many baby monitor reviews as you wish.

Why? Suppose your review saved time and money thanks to helping new parents choose or reject a Graco? That’s the kind of pass-along experience all parents need these days.

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