Is Philips AVENT SCD600-10 a Good Baby Monitor Investment?

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Finding the best baby monitor to keep a “digital eye” on your precious little one can be a daunting challenge. On one hand you want the best baby monitor possible in order to find peace of mind in knowing how your sleeping baby is doing at all times.

On the other hand, you also want an affordable option—especially considering all of the other baby-related purchases you’ve probably had to make lately.

Reading baby monitor reviews can be very helpful in making the decision regarding which unit to purchase, but an overview of a product’s features in addition to these baby monitor reviews is also necessary. The Philips Avent Digital Baby Monitor with Night Vision is one such unit to consider.

Does Philips AVENT Video Monitor Lives Up to the Brand’s Reputation?

Basic Product Summary

The Philips Avent Digital Baby Monitor with Night Vision features a 2.4″ high resolution screen to allow for clear viewing of your baby at all times.

The fully rotatable camera makes for an endless number of camera screen angles possible, allowing you to position for optimal viewing of your infant. As its name indicates, this baby monitor features grayscale night vision technology in addition to color videos (with the lights on).

Infrared technology is used to enable the night vision viewing in this model; it automatically switches over to infrared once lights are off. Finally, the manufacturer of this baby monitor promises that all video monitoring is done through a secure connection, giving parents peace of mind in knowing that they alone are the ones viewing their sleeping infant.

Looking at the Pros

The easily rotatable “eye” of this product’s camera is definitely a huge pro to it, as getting the perfect viewing angle of your child can be pretty difficult with some other monitors. For parents interested in seeing their baby at all times, the night vision capabilities are also another definite plus.

This product works for distances of up to 30 meters indoors and 150 meters outdoors, allowing for impressive portability. A soft nightlight and three options for soothing lullabies can be chosen to provide comfort to your little one while an optional wall mount makes it easy to find a place to secure the camera.

The parent unit in this Philip’s baby monitor is fully rechargeable and the baby’s unit includes a back-up battery function in case of power failure. The screen and volume for the parent’s unit is also self-activating so that they automatically turn on whenever crying is detected.

Wall mounting with Philips Avent SCD600-10 Digital Video Baby MonitorClose up picture of Philips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision

Knowing its Shortcomings

Perhaps one of the biggest cons to this product is its relatively high price. Although it can be purchased for cheaper through a number of online retailers, it still falls into the range of higher priced baby monitors even when purchased from such “discount” sites.

Some users complain that this model doesn’t offer a “pan and zoom” feature like some competing brands’ products do; such a feature would be helpful for viewing infants who are old enough to roll over and move around in their cribs.

Another common complaint against this baby monitor unit was that poor sound quality/lots of interference noise would occur any time it was placed too near certain other electronic devices.


Overall, the Philips Avent Digital Baby Monitor with Night Vision appears to be a quality option. It has received mostly positive baby monitor reviews online, and its features include most of the most highly sought-after features in a monitor.

However, the relatively high price of this option will certainly serve as a deterrent to many potential customers. Overall, whether or not the Philips Avent Baby Monitor with Night Vision is the best baby monitor for you will really depend on your own personal preferences and budget.

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