My Take on VTech Communications Safe & Sound Audio Monitor

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The VTech Safe & Sound digital audio monitor is a versatile and lightweight baby monitor that can be used either in the home or while on the go to ensure that babies stay safe while away from their parents.

In my experience, the VTech product offers crystal-clear audio, even at distances as far as 1000 feet and through walls in my home.

In this review I will outline some of the features of this VTech baby monitor to help parents decide if it is right for them.

What Makes Vtech Safe and Sound Monitor a Popular Pick

Key Features

This baby monitor has many features that go beyond just a standard listening device. The device is rechargeable to help parents save money on batteries over the years while keeping track of a baby.

On a single charge, the lithium-ion battery can last up to 18 hours, which is more than sufficient for a single night. I was able to use this battery to my advantage on a weekend trip, where I didn’t even need to use the charger.

Another feature that I liked was how it offers two-way communication, which can be helpful since I can tell my baby that I am on my way before I get there. The device even lets me listen in to multiple children around the home, which will be nice when my second child arrives.

Weighing the Pros

I found that the VTech device offered many features that were helpful for keeping track of my children throughout the day.

I found myself using the device whenever I was away doing chores around the house and couldn’t be there with my baby. One feature that I really liked was how it vibrates when there is an issue.

This means that I don’t have to listen in to the device the whole time. Rather, just like a text message it just alerts me when the baby sounds upset. I have found that this feature makes my life as a parent much easier and cuts down on stress greatly.

View from the top of VTech Communications Safe n Sound Digital Audio MonitorLight alert indicator of VTech Communications Safe and Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor

Another feature that I liked was how the device communicates over a secure connection. While I doubt anything will happen, it is certainly reassuring to know that neighbors won’t be able to listen in to my baby’s activities at night.

Considering the Shortcomings

While the device certainly looks good, I don’t feel that the device is the best baby monitor as far as visual appearance is concerned.

First off, the design looks rather simple. I was always afraid that the device would break, since it is composed entirely of plastic on the outside with little metal to support it in the case of a fall.

On the device that actually monitors my baby, there is no LED screens, which can make the device difficult to adjust. I also agree with other baby monitor reviews that it would be nice to at least have a battery indicator so that I can see how much charge is remaining.

It would also be nice if the device could somehow tie in with my smartphone, since in these days hauling around a monitoring device that weighs 1 pound seems unnecessary to me.

In Conclusion

Overall, I was quite satisfied with the device. Some baby monitor reviews that I saw online talked about how the device was too heavy, but I certainly didn’t find it that way.

Additionally, other baby monitor reviews were saying that it wasn’t the best baby monitor for those with multiple children. I disagree, because the device can actually support listening to multiple children with a single device.

When looking for the best baby monitor with basic functionality, parents do not have too many options to choose from. Other than the Sony Baby Call Nursery Monitor, I hardly see any good alternative that parents should spend time considering.

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