Why is Summer Infant Baby Touch Monitor so Well-rated?

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Parents know the value of the best baby monitor they can find. Luckily, technology has evolved to a state in which you may know if baby has opened her eyes, is cooing, or if baby is crying for you.

Back in the day, baby monitors only produced sound, which was handy only if baby was crying. Today’s monitors involve video as well as sound. You will know if baby has turned over for the first time, is trying to climb out of her crib, or if she is stuffing her bear in her mouth.

What Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor has to Offer

Basic Product Summary

Baby monitor reviews only give dimensions with pictures. You can’t envision what it will be like until you buy it. You can only imagine the convenience of being in the kitchen or the home office while baby is napping and knowing she is all right.

The Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Color Video Monitor is all that and more. You can softly speak to baby to put her back to sleep if she stirs.

You will know if she opens her eyes and is ready for a meal. In a number of baby monitor reviews, Summer Infant baby Touch digital video monitor has been recommended for its ease of installation, its capabilities and its dependability.

Video viewing with Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Color Video Monitor ReceiverPan tilt mode with Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Color Infant Monitor

What Does it Do?

The Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Color Video Monitor looks like an iPhone. What parents look for in the best baby monitor, however, is interaction.

Its LED lights display is sound activated, so you will know when the silence is broken. The monitor is two-way, unlike those of the past, so you can gently coo the baby back to sleep, or softly ask whoever is in the room to return empty bottles to you, for example.

When you speak into the monitor, your voice comes from the camera. It will sound to baby like you are there with her, which will comfort her.

On the monitor, you can pan the camera, tilt it, zoom in on baby and check out the rest of the nursery. The monitor doesn’t interfere with WiFi in the house, nor is it susceptible to other signals.

It is an enclosed unit with a 400 foot range. Automatic night vision makes it easy to discern baby’s movements in the darkened nursery. The monitor automatically assumes a black-and-white format for improved night vision.

Night vision image using Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Color Video MonitorAdditional camera can be added into Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Color Video Monitor System

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Where it Scores Well

What users say makes this the best baby monitor is its ease of installation. The camera can sit on a high tabletop or be mounted high on the wall.

The necessary accessories are included in the package for wall mounting. Users also loved the pan and scan feature. Parents could watch pretty much every move baby made in her room, and they could tell her to get back in bed.

With multiple units, they could keep an eye on all the kids in all the rooms. Users also loved the night feature, calling it “better than most”.

Some Things to Note

Conversely, nothing is perfect. From a handful of baby monitor reviews, you will learn that there was a battery recall linked to this product as battery design flaw puts it at risk of catching fire.

The company replied that only batteries manufactured in 2010, 2011 and 2012 were affected. The company voluntarily recalled these batteries and replaced them with better batteries.

Remember that the DC cord can be used. Other concerns were that the monitor broke if dropped in addition to the fact that if you touch the screen, then you will move the camera.

In Conclusion

All in all, Summar Infant Baby Touch Digital video monitor appears as a decent solution for parents who wish to keep a close look out of their infants while still being able to free themselves up for the household chores.

If you ask me, the most attractive aspect of this product is its iPhone-like visual and that would probably be all. At its price range, there are certainly better candidates that will qualify as the best baby monitors. On my list, that includes Motorola MBP36, Infant Optics DXR-8 and Levana Ovia.

Consider all your options and do not rush yourself with the decision. Happy nursing!

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