Safety 1st Audio Baby Monitor Lets You Monitor with Crystal Clear Audio

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The Safety 1st Crystal Clear Audio Monitor lets parents keep track of their child all day without needing to worry about the baby getting into trouble.

With a 600 foot range, parents can use this device anywhere in the home to keep track of a baby either while it is sleeping or playing. To minimize interference, the device offers two different channels which can alternately be used depending on the interference that might be in the environment.

I purchased this device after having my first daughter since I needed to keep track of her while I was away at night. In this review, I will explain my experiences with this baby monitor to help parents that are looking to get one for their own young one.

Safety 1st Crystal Clear Audio Baby Monitor Reviews

Product Features in Brief

While many baby monitors today attempt to include many complex features, this one keeps it simple with just a few buttons. This makes the device easy to use and parents don’t need to worry about the extra hassle of setting up video equipment or changing advanced settings.

With this device, parents simply turn it on and it’s ready to go. Parents can also utilize the headphone jack to attach the device to either an external speaker or to use it with headphones.

The monitor has a bright light that makes a clear indicator when it is turned on so parents don’t accidentally leave it off. Other baby monitor reviews talked about how this feature should be included on the best baby monitor, and I have to agree.

The Positive Sides

One big advantage of this device is its exceptional range that allows it to be used anywhere within the home or even outside. I was able to use this device whether I was in the basement, in my bedroom, or outside doing yard work.

Since it has a headphone jack, I was able to use the baby monitor even while I was mowing the lawn. Other baby monitor reviews online talked about how convenient this feature was, with one woman say that she was able to even use the device while doing laundry while in her apartment’s basement.

The manufacturer also seems to believe in the product, offering a one-year warranty in case it breaks due to a defect. This is nice for parents, since even the best baby monitor often breaks and leaves parents having to buy a new one.

Where It can Do Better

One thing that my husband and I did not like about this product was that it does not include a battery. With the default package, parents have to purchase an additional battery in order to use this device wirelessly.

While this is fine for use just for monitoring the baby in the bedroom, by default the device isn’t portable around the home. Of course, parents can simply purchase a battery pack for a few dollars that will allow the to use this monitor anywhere that they like.

When shopping for the best baby monitor, parents should keep this in mind and look into getting a battery pack so they could use the device anywhere that they want.


I have to agree with baby monitor reviews that this device offers exceptional value. The 600 foot range and exceptional warranty make this device a great choice for parents that are just looking to get a basic device that fits their needs.

While I wish the device came with the battery, it was fine for us to simply plug the device into the wall.

Safety 1st Crystal Clear Audio Monitor is definitely one of the more basic baby monitor solution. While it may not give parents the video monitoring capability, some parents find audio monitoring to be sufficient.

So, what do you think? Still undecided and looking for alternatives? If you do, you may want to check out Sony NTM-910YIC, one of the more popular baby audio monitor solution.

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