Simple Tips Every New Father Has to Read

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I wish all new fathers a hearty congratulations on becoming parents, proud dads who can’t wait to fuss over the latest addition to the family, but take a break from touching tiny fingers and toes for a minute.

In fact, take a proper breather and give your other half the chance to bond with baby.

Sleepless nights lay ahead, so take hold of this period of clarity with both hands, and use the natural high of parenthood to create the outlines of a strategy geared at responsible guardianship.

Struggling as a New Father? Don’t Worry.

You’re not Alone

Sleep Well. Rest Well

My first tip is to grab sleep whenever you can.

Grab a nap on a chair. Snatch a few minutes of slumber at the kitchen table.

I say this as someone who has experienced the joys of bringing up baby.

Undisturbed sleep will become a distant memory, thus every parent has a duty to store revitalizing energy whenever possible, because junior is going to be busy keeping daddy flustered and exhausted.

Next, share those diaper changing duties with mommy. Become a loving team.

Now here’s an essential tip, a humdinger that helped save my sanity during those moments I was sure I’d messed up my daddy duties.

I’m talking about calling upon technology, the aid of products designed to ease the burden of being a new dad.

A tired mom needs her sleep, and an anxious dad can’t be in five places at once, so read some baby monitor reviews.

Get informed advice on employing an electronic assistant to extend and multiply a parents awareness.

Simple Tips Every new Dad Has to Read

Simple Tips Every new Dad Has to Read

Level Up Your Multi-tasking Skill

It’s this multitasking that can leave a parent in tears at the end of the day, but the best baby monitor systems are designed to wipe away the tears, offering digital eyes and ears that can be carried anywhere in the home.

Again, check baby monitor reviews for feature sets in these handy devices.

Prices vary dramatically from low-end models without a video feed to top-of-the-line devices that feature high-definition video and two-way audio, a particularly valuable feature when shopping for the best baby monitor.

The two-way audio option is amazingly useful for fussy babies, the infants that can’t be far from mom and dad.

I’ve whispered calming words through a handset microphone and seen my own youngster respond to the calming presence of my voice, so I’d always want this function.

Also, top models now add night vision to allow monitoring of baby in a darkened room.

Speaking of handsets, the best baby monitor models on the market now combine wireless tech as seen on high-end cellphones.

A compact LCD monitor can sit comfortably in the hand of a new dad and display a live feed of baby thanks to a WIFi or Bluetooth signal.

If you are clueless on where to start, the Infant Optics DXR-8 and Motorola MBP36 are among the best rated baby video monitor that you can find currently. Be sure to check out their reviews and learn how they are designed to help ease your burden of monitoring your loved ones.

I’d only remind shoppers on a budget that buying cheap models results in less than stellar performance.

The cheaper models use a frequency bandwidth below 900-MHz, a radio frequency susceptible to interference, and this would be counter-productive in looking after baby.

Read as many baby monitor reviews as it’s possible with those tired eyes to learn about pitfalls such as the bandwidth issue.

Sleep deprivation is an enemy that can’t be avoided in this scenario, but a new dad can train other muscles, flexing skills he never knew he possessed.

Stay patient and level-headed. Don’t over-react and panic at every little cough, but do keep a pediatricians phone number close at hand.

At the end of the day, enjoy the experience of parenting, using technology to ease the passage of those especially difficult days.

Remember, mom and dad are partners in this exciting adventure, so treat each other with kindness.

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