Snuza Go might just be Your Life-saving Assistant

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Some baby monitors have cameras that relay pictures of infants in their beds, but the Snuza Portable Baby Movement Monitor uses its technology to detect movement.

Attached to the waistband of a diaper, it detects motions of a baby in a bed, a car seat, a sofa or any other sleeping place. The company makes no claim that the device can provide complete protection against SIDS, but the it notifies you when movements are weak or too infrequent.

Based on my experience and those shared by other parents, the best baby monitor is one that should alert you of the need to take action when something is wrong.

Should You Go with Snuza Go?

Basic Highlights

The Snuza monitor weighs about an ounce, and it is an unobtrusive object that fits on the diaper’s waistband. Unless the child is sleeping in a position that puts the monitor underneath, it probably causes no discomfort.

The best baby monitor produces effective results without causing any harm. Putting the Snuza unit on a baby requires some careful placement so that it can do the job that it is intended to do.

What You can Expect from Snuza Go!

The device is designed to offer the convenience of portability, and you can toss it in your diaper bag as you start your errands.

Whether you are at the grocery or a friend’s home, you can attach it in a few seconds. Clipping it onto the front of the waistband puts it in touch with a baby’s abdomen where it can detect movement that occurs with each breath.

It is the lightest weight monitor on the market today, and it is designed with ergonomic principles that make it comfortable. When you read baby monitor reviews, these features are worth considering.

Using a monitor of any kind requires you to pay attention to the reports that it sends, and this one offers sounds but no pictures. When it detects that movements are weak or not present, it sounds an alarm that is sufficiently loud to draw your attention.

Settings on the monitor let you choose an interval of 15, 18 or 20 seconds so that you can take immediate action. However, your proximity to your baby is essential.

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