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A straight line is usually recognized as the shortest distance between two points, and the simplest solution to a problem is often the best one to use. Sometimes, a simple idea produces the best results.

The Snuza Hero Baby Monitor makes monitoring about as simple as it can get by attaching a small device to your baby’s diaper. The simplicity of using the device obscures the complex technology that makes it work, giving you a practical way to keep track of your child’s movements.

The best baby monitor is one that tells you what you need to know so that you can take action when necessary.

A Review of Snuza Hero

How Does it Work?

Staying in Touch at Home or Away
A unique feature of the portable device that attaches to the waist band of your baby’s diaper is a sound that alerts you to inactivity. Prior to sounding an alert, it produces a vibration when it senses no movement for 15 seconds. It if still senses no movement, it emits an audible alarm.

The technology in the device programs it to require an indication of at least eight movements every minute, and it notifies you if the minimum is not detected. It also notes and alerts you of movements that are very weak.

The sense of assurance that you get from a device that has no entangling wires or cords gives you peace of mind. The hypoallergenic Snuza monitor is made of medical grade plastic with no rough edges that can hurt delicate skin. When you read baby monitor reviews, qualities like these are worth looking for.

Designed for Maximum Portability

Weighing slightly more than an ounce and taking up about two square inches, the monitor is easy to put in your pocket or your diaper bag when baby is not wearing it.

The small device is easy for baby to ignore at home, at the mall or at the homes of friends and family. Mobility is essential for busy moms, and it is reassuring to know that you can run errands and take care of family matters while monitoring your baby’s breath through the detection of abdominal movements.

Whether it uses elaborate cameras or a simple alert such as this, the best baby monitor keeps you fully informed.

Use instruction of Snuza heroInstruction on how to replace battery in Snuza Hero

Unique Feature that Makes it a Winner

As you read baby monitor reviews, it is helpful to look for features that are unique. The vibration that the Snuza uses to get a response from a baby when it detects a period of inactivity is a unique feature.

The intelligence that is built into this device shows that the manufacturer understands the importance of frequent activity by a baby.

Some other models have vibration on the receiving unit so that moms who may not hear well can feel an alert without hearing a sound.

The vibration on the Snuza Hero monitor is on the sending unit but not on the receiver. The best baby monitor has unique features that distinguish it from other models.

When you want a small but effective monitor that you can toss in your purse as you head out the door, the Snuza device may satisfy your requirements.

You can search baby monitor reviews for models that are more complicated, but you are not likely to find one that is as effective and easy to use as this one.

Without using radio frequency signals, it nudges your baby when no activity is detected and advises you of its action when appropriate. The battery in the unit is replaceable, and the monitor carries a comprehensive one year warranty.

In the Nutshell

IMHO, Snuza Hero has to be one of the most innovative thinking that we have seen when it comes to baby monitoring solution.

I’m not saying that video baby monitor is useless, but the two are made for different purposes. In the case of Snuza Hero, it is one step more intelligent as it is able to perform what I refer to as ‘basic’ diagnostic on your behalf.

Thought it has reportedly helped some parents saved the lives of their newborns, one piece of advice that I love to give to all parents is not to let yor guard down. After all, such equipments as Snuza Hero should only serve as your assistant to help you when your hands are busy with other tasks.

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