Does Sony BabyCall Nursery Monitor have the Features to be a Good Baby Monitor?

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With so many new and exciting baby products out on the market, I decided it was time to check some of them out and see what these products have to offer parents.

Having a baby monitor is invaluable to new parents who constantly worry about their newborn when out of their sight.

Sony Baby Call Nursery Monitor is a basic baby monitor with only audio capability. Though this type of baby monitor is quickly vanishing from the store shelves, there are still parents who find it to be more than sufficient for their needs.

So, if you are thinking about making a purchase but not sure if it makes a wise decision, read on. This review should shed some light and help you make a better informed decision.

Highlights of Sony NTM-910DUAL Monitor

The Sony NTM-910DUAL baby monitor includes an alarm that sounds for a variety of reasons.

The alarm will sound if the monitor and receiver are out of range from each other and also when the battery runs low.

The alarm also features an activity light. The receiver clips easily to my belt and can go with me from place to place as I follow my daily routine like laundry and cooking.

The receiver is lightweight, weighing in at less than 4 ounces while the transmitter weighs less than 2. The monitor is small and can be placed anywhere inside the baby’s nursery without taking up a lot of space.

This monitor operates on a 2.4 GHz frequency band. These are all items that I need to consider a major part of a baby monitor review and what goes into purchasing the best baby monitor on the market.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

The Good

Sony’s new Baby Call Nursery Monitor is a great way to ensure that my baby is safe and sound when I am not in the room.

The rechargeable battery offers up to 16 hours of play before needing to be recharged, which is an important feature of the best baby monitors. This model features sound sensitive LEDs, so that I know as soon as my child becomes active and moves around their crib or playpen.

Rechargeable battery and AC power option in Sony BabyCall Nursery MonitorTransmitter of Sony BabyCall Baby Monitor

This model is powerful and offers a considerable range of 900 feet, so I can work around the house. I know that if I get out of a range that an alarm will sound letting me know immediately.

The monitor itself can be placed on a dresser or mounted to a wall in the baby’s nursery, so that there is no danger of it falling or getting knocked off and damaged.

The Bad

While I do not need to purchase new batteries for the new Sony nursery monitor, I will need to suspend use of the monitor and receiver while I charge the batteries, which generally takes around 7 hours.

Also, the monitor and receiver are only available in white, so if I want another color I will need to select another model. The LED that lights up when my child is active is a great idea, but I need to be looking at the receiver to see the light.

The volume setting on the monitor means that if I need to turn the sound up, I will have to go to the nursery to do that. Another thing to consider is that such a small receiver can easily be misplaced or disappear under the couch.

In the Nutshell

Sony’s latest Baby Call Nursery Monitor is certainly positioned as an attractive option for parents who are looking for simpler or more basic baby monitoring system for their infants.

No, it doesn’t have the temperature sensor found in Motorola MBP36. No, it doesn’t have the high quality image streaming you get with Samsung SEW-3037W. No, it doesn’t have the abdominal activity monitor found in Snuza Hero.

What it offers is a simple activity monitoring capability and it lets you pick up any noise made by your baby. Just as its name suggest, when your baby is calling, you don’t have to worry about not being alerted since Sony’s Baby Call Nursery Monitor will make sure you don’t miss the call.

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