Should any Parent consider Sony NTM-910YIC BabyCall Nursery Monitor?

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The Sony Baby Call Nursery Monitor is a baby monitor that offers both video and audio output so parents can rest assured that their child is safe.

I purchased this baby monitor to keep track of my energetic daughter as she slept at night or played around the house during the day. Since my life as a parent can often be quite busy, it is nice to have a device that allows me to keep track of my daughter even when she is out of my sight.

In this baby monitor review, I will share my thoughts about this baby monitor so parents can decide if it is right for them.

A Look at Sony NTM-910YIC

Key Highlights

This Sony baby monitor can give video feedback as far as 350 feet away. The video quality is exceptional, and even offers night vision so I can watch my daughter while she is asleep.

To make the device easier to use, it includes a wall mount. This is handy when trying to set up the device, since many baby monitor reviews say that other devices are difficult to install.

The Good Thing about Sony NTM-910YIC

When shopping for the best baby monitor, I think it is important to look for ones that include a camera. In today’s age, video cameras are rather inexpensive and I think that they should be expected on any baby monitor.

I really loved how I was able to watch my daughter at night using the night vision camera system that is included with the device. This is great because I could check to make sure that she was sleeping safely in her bed without having to personally visit her and wake her up.

I’m sure this made her very happy since she was able to sleep soundly all throughout the night. I also have to agree with other baby monitor reviews that it is nice to have a dedicated device designed for monitoring the baby.

Many systems today require users to already have an iPad or similar device, and it was nice to save money by not having to purchase one of these mobile devices just for a baby monitor.

Where it could have Fared Better

While it is nice to have an extra device to watch the video feedback, I also found this to be a bit redundant considering that my iPhone would usually be in my other pocket.

The video receiver is quite bulky, and it is too big to fit into most normal sized pockets. I also didn’t like how I couldn’t zoom in very well. The maximum zoom that the device supports is just 2x, and even this is only digital zoom.

The ability to zoom in a bit closer would be nice to get more details on what is going on at the room. Sometimes, I would find myself having to go into my daughter’s room just to check on her because I couldn’t get a clear picture on the receiver.

Other baby monitor reviews talked about this disadvantage too, although it can be fairly-easily solved simply by repositioning the camera within the room.

In Conclusion

Overall, I was quite satisfied with this baby monitor because I think that it offers exceptional value. Those shopping for the best baby monitor might want to consider this device if they don’t already have an iPad to use as a video receiver.

Having a separate unit to receive video, despite its large size, is actually very convenient and makes the device very easy to use. Consider these points carefully in your purchase decision and you will not live to regret.

So do you think you have the ultimate baby monitor in Sony NTM-910YIC Baby Call Nursery Monitor?

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