Let’s See What to Expect with Summer Infant Baby Wave Deluxe Audio Baby Monitor

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Reassurance that their babies are peacefully sleeping is something that all mothers want to know, whether it is their first child or their fifth.

Perusing through baby monitor reviews takes times and may seem tedious, but it is definitely a great way to help determine the best baby monitor for your family’s needs.

At the same time, comparing the features of various products is also a good way to help find your best baby monitor.

While many parents are interested in the newer monitor options that feature video monitoring units, anyone looking for a more traditional simple audio monitor unit might be interested in the Summer Infant Baby Wave Deluxe Digital Audio Monitor.

How does Summer Infant Baby Wave Audio Monitor Fare?

Key Features

This baby monitor from Summer Infant promises to provide parents with peace of mind through its audio monitoring of a baby’s room.

Sound activated LED lights are used to indicate the level of noise coming from a baby’s room, presumably corresponding to the volume of crying from the infant. Ambient noise is claimed to be effectively filtered out through this monitor, allowing parents to hone in on crying noises alone.

In addition to functioning as a basic baby audio monitor, the Summer Infant Baby Wave Deluxe Digital Audio Monitor also displays digital temperature recordings of the baby’s room; this feature can help parents determine if an uncomfortable surrounding temperature might be the cause of their child’s crying and presumable discomfort.

Knowing the Pros

A range of up to 650 feet allows for good portability options for busy parents and two-way audio gives parents an alternative option to having to physically get up and go to a child’s room if they’re crying (assuming parents can successfully sooth them via audio alone).

The parent’s unit feature’s a belt clip for easy portability. The temperature monitor is also a nice added function, particularly for families with homes that might not heat/cool very evenly. The company behind this unit promises that all audio connections are 100% secure.

Finally, a night light with a remote on/off function can be easily turned on for parents to view their little ones without turning on an overhead light in the room.

Sound detection indicator in Summer Infant Baby Wave Deluxe Digital Audio Monitor2-way communication with Summer Infant Baby Wave Deluxe Digital Audio baby Monitor

Understanding the Drawbacks

Since this product is only an audio monitor, it obviously does not offer parents any way to visually see their sleeping kids when they are not in the room with them (like a video monitor would).

The price is also a bit higher than that of some other audio baby monitors, presumably because of the few added features that this Summer Infant baby monitor provides its users with.

However, for consumers who do not think those features are really necessary, this product is probably not going to be viewed as a good option.

Additionally, several users complained that a frustratingly loud static noise would come from the parent’s end of this monitor, even at a medium volume setting.


In conclusion, the Summer Infant Baby Wave Deluxe Digital Audio Monitor appears to be a solid option for an audio baby monitor. While not exceedingly glowing, most of the baby monitor reviews for this Summer Infant unit are positive.

Although it is definitely a bit higher priced than some other audio monitors like Sony NTM-910YIC and Vtech communications Safe n Sound, it is still definitely a more affordable option than the video baby monitors popular today.

Of course, whether this baby monitor is the best baby monitor for your own family will obviously depend on the exact features that you consider important in a monitor. After all, if there is anything that baby monitor reviews can reveal, it is that what works well for some families might be far from ideal for others.

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