Summer Infant Dual View Lets You Monitor Multiple Rooms at Once

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The two cameras and handheld unit featured in the Summer Infant Dual View™ kit promote peace of mind in concerned parents. They open up a two-way link between parents and children, allowing guardians to watch over two rooms or multiple children.

About Summer Infant Dual-view Video Baby Monitor You Have to Know Before Buying

Advanced Camera Control

Baby monitor reviews are a dime-a-dozen. New products enter the market every day. I’m hesitant to say this entry from Summer is set to surpass those other models, inheriting the title of best baby monitor.

It does have problems, but it has enough features to overcome them and make it a worthy contender as best baby monitor at an affordable price. The two cameras included with the kit use a 2.4GHz wireless band to hookup the monitor.

The handheld unit can control both cameras from up to 600-feet away, rendering high-definition video on the 3.5″ display, but I have some concern over this statement. This is, after all, a relatively crowded bandwidth used by routers and other wireless gadgets.

Regardless of wireless concerns, the cameras pan, scan, and zoom to offer plenty of viewing options. This is camera tech speak for describing the motion of each of the cameras.

They can be remotely controlled from the handheld unit, moved left and right, up and down, zooming closer to the subject. That subject is likely a young child or baby.

Summer Infant Dual View Digital Color Video Monitor with multiple camera units4-way split screen with Summer Infant Dual View Digital Color baby Monitor

2-Way Communication

Getting a baby to lay down and drift off to sleep is a challenge for the most accomplished parents, and the maker’s of the Summer Infant Dual View system know this fact well. Included as standard is a night-view mode, a series of tiny infrared bulbs bordering the camera lens.

These allow the camera to display a resting child without turning on bright lights. The low-light image displays on the handheld unit as black and white video.

And, should junior wake up, I feel confident mum or dad can lure the youngster back to sleep with a few gentle words through the microphone on the handheld monitor. Two-way communication is a godsend for exhausted parents.

Multiple Camera Capability

Another handy feature, one sure to be used by large families, is the design integration of a split-screen function. Call up one camera and place the video alongside the video stream from the second camera.

In fact, the rechargeable hand unit is capable of displaying up to four video streams on the 3.5″ LCD screen, meaning large families can order an additional two cameras to place in other rooms. Speaking of which, the cameras are compact devices with wide bases.

Each one is small enough to place on a bedroom table by a cot or even be fixed to a wall in a nursery, a laudable feature and one worth mentioning in baby monitor reviews where size is up there with wireless connectivity as a top feature.

I felt a pang of worry that the audio feeds would present an issue. Four audio streams could overwhelm the portable handset, but this function is taken care of by selecting an audio feed from the desired split-screen window.

While simplifying life, some parents might actually want to hear both rooms simultaneously. This and questionable battery life stops the system from reaching the heady heights of best baby monitor on the market.


Keeping track of infants 24-hours a day is a huge responsibility, one this kit takes seriously. The Infant Dual View™ performs admirably, maybe losing out slightly due to the short battery life offered by the handset monitor.

Perhaps a lower energy display or a larger battery will solve the issue in the next version and send the system to the top of baby monitor reviews.

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