Can Summer Infant Secure Sight Give You a Secure Peace of Mind?

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The Secure Sight Digital Color Video Monitor by Summer Infant is a baby monitor that offers night vision, a color receiver, and the ability to use up to three cameras.

With a range of more than 400 feet and a backlit LCD display, this video monitor is built for those who want to keep track of their children while away either at night or during the day.

A good mommy friend of mine recently purchased this baby monitor so that she could keep track of her baby while she is away sleeping at night or while she is doing chores around the home.

I felt that the product had many advantages, but it had a few disadvantages as well. In this review, I will explain my experiences with this baby monitor to help those that are looking to purchase one make the right decision.

Can Summer Infant Secure Sight Give You a Secure Peace of Mind?

Few Key Highlights

This baby monitor offers a 2-inch LCD color display that clearly shows what is going on in the room, even at night. The camera can be adjusted by using the wall mount that is included with the device.

I found this wall mount to be very convenient, as it would allow me to place it both on the wall and in my daughter’s crib to keep a good eye on her. I also like how the camera can be controlled, allowing me to pan the camera’s lens in any direction.

Previously with my older baby monitor, I had a fixed camera. The problem arises when my daughter realized that there were certain spots that the camera was not able to cover and she would sometimes do things that she knew she wasn’t allowed to do it in area that was off the screen.

With Summer Infant Secure Sight, such problem will no longer be a concern. I would now be able to change the camera’s direction and she can’t hide anymore!

To save battery, the video can be turned off and instead output can be limited simply to sound. This is convenient on trips where the battery needs to be conserved while away from a charger.

One of the best features of this baby monitor is its vibrant, full-color LCD display that gives a great level of detail about what is going on in the room. While using other devices, I routinely found myself taking extra trips back to my daughter’s room simply because the video quality was poor.

With this baby monitor, the image quality lets me clearly see what is going on without needing to make an extra trip to my daughter’s room.

Portable receiver design of Summer Infant Secure Sight Digital Color Video MonitorGreyscale night vision with Summer Infant Secure Sight infant Monitor

I also liked how the device offered high-quality images at night without the need to illuminate the room. Since the night vision uses infrared rather than visible light, I could clearly see what was going on in the room without needing to keep my daughter awake.

I also liked how easy the device was to use, with a simple menu system that allowed me to make changes to the settings without needing to constantly refer to the manual.

Few Things to Note

While it is nice that the device is digital, I find it unfortunate that the communication isn’t encrypted. While I doubt anyone is going to snoop on my daughter, it still would be nice if the signal had that extra level of security just in case.

Another thing that I would like to see on this device would be a speaker so that I could speak to my daughter directly without having to actually take the trip up to her room. If this feature is important to you, you may want to check out iBaby Monitor as it comes with feature that allows such 2-way communication.

Many times I’ve been downstairs and my daughter is asking me a question, but I find myself having to make a special trip upstairs just to respond. I would also like the ability to have two receivers, since just one isn’t enough for both my husband and I.


Overall, Summer Infant Secure Sight baby video monitor is what I’d consider one of the more average baby monitor option.

While it may not be the best baby monitor, its mid-range price point justifies the mid-range features that are found in this unit. But if there is anything about the Summar Infant Secure Sight that sets itself apart from the other average alternatives, it will be the high quality display.

So, do you think it has enough features for you to consider as the right solution for your baby surveillance needs?

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