Few Tips on How to Childproof Your Home

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Staircase gate to childproof home

Whether you have a new bouncing baby or a seasoned toddler roaming the house, there are countless dangers around every corner.

From sharp corners to chemicals in cabinets, your home needs a thorough evaluation before any child explores the space. Get down to their level by sitting on the floor. The entire home looks different as you pinpoint specific areas to childproof.

5 Simple Ways to Start Childproofing Your Home

Cover the Outlets

Even if you’re concentrated on finding the best baby monitor, don’t overlook the outlets it must plug into. Inspect every electrical outlet in the home. If it’s not being used, cover it with a plastic childproof cover.

As babies start crawling and toddlers start to explore, the outlets become a beacon for fingers. Those holes just beckon for an item to be placed in them.

Keep temptation at bay by covering all outlets, even the ones out of the child’s reach. Kids are adaptable and may actually find a way to access that out-of-reach outlet when you aren’t looking.

Baby climbing stairs

Securing the Stairs

When you have a two-story home, the stairs are an immediate concern for even children as old as preschool. Falls occur easily on stairs, creating serious injuries in some cases.

Even if you have the best baby monitor watching the bedroom, the stairs are harder to watch. Keep children off the stairs entirely with gates at the base and top landing.

Diligently lock them whenever you move between flights. The moment a gate is open, curious children seem to follow. Gates also keep pets at bay, especially if the family dog is especially rambunctious around the children.

Video Baby Monitors

Baby monitor reviews used to cover audio-based transmitters, allowing parents to only hear their children. Today, part of childproofing the home is adding a video baby monitor.

You set up the camera near the crib or bed, giving you a perfect view of the sleeping child. Even if you can’t afford the very best baby monitor, moderately priced systems are available.

Being able to see and hear the child keeps them safe, especially when they’re alone in the room. Any questionable behavior in the past with audio monitors was either missed or forced the parents to enter the room to check on conditions.

Locks and Latches

Although it may be more difficult than reading through baby monitor reviews, installing locks and latches around the home is critical to successful childproofing.

Sit down on the floor to create a child’s view of the space. Add locks to kitchen cabinets with harmful chemicals while adding latches to commonly used doors, such as the pantry.

Children can make almost any item a toy, even if it’s canned goods or a bag of flour. Place latches on every cabinet that is at the child’s level. Even a stack of towels is a hazard for young children.

Furniture Safety

Your home’s basic couches and tables may appear benign, but they can be hazards to infants and toddlers. Consider adding bumpers around sharp corners, such as on the coffee table.

Even go as far as securing tall displays to walls with anchor bolts. Children can be surprisingly strong, pulling furniture down on themselves accidentally. Keep deep cushion seats, including bean bag chairs, out of young children’s areas.

Suffocation may occur if a small child becomes trapped in a chair that has a sinking sensation.

In Summary

From reading baby monitor reviews to setting up stair gates, your home should feel safe when you think like a young child.

Curiosity is natural for any child so keep their fingers away from dangerous items and locked onto educational products, from blocks to books. A childproof home welcomes safe exploration and growth.

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