Is VTech Comms Safe & Sound Video Monitor a Safe Bet?

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Parents were formerly limited to one-way walkie-talkie-esque devices that had scratchy audio to accentuate the rare silence in the life of a newborn.

Technological times have changed, however, and there are now different options available to parents to keep an eye on their infant, best distinguished by baby monitor reviews.

This provides pros and cons for the VTech Communications Safe & Sounds Full Color Video and Audio Monitor, so that you can decide if it is right for you.

A Review of Vtech Safe & Sound Video Monitor

Basic Summary

This VTech Video and Audio Monitor is a camera/receiver system to be set up in the desired monitored and monitor’s room, respectively.

The camera provides full color video to the receiver, as well as other features including a temperature sensor in the baby’s room, and automatic night vision.

There are a few qualities of this particular model, though, that set this system apart from other baby monitor reviews.

Where It Garners Rave Reviews

One characteristic of this VTech Safe & Sounds Video and Audio Monitor that might make parents of multiple children consider this to be the best baby monitor is the feature that allows multiple cameras to communicate with one parent receiver.

With most other monitors, the parents would have to buy entirely different systems for each child or room, the receiver of the Safe & Sounds Video and Audio Monitor can receive communication with up to four cameras simultaneously.

In addition to the multiple cameras, this VTech Safe & Sounds Video and Audio Monitor system also has a high range of communication, when compared to other baby monitor reviews.

The system can communicate across up to 1000 feet, covering the distance between most infant bedrooms and their parents’ location.

Image quality of VTech Communications Safe & Sounds Video and Audio Monitor SystemSide picture of VTech Communications Safe n Sounds Video and Audio Child Monitor

This particular system also includes the feature of the talk-back intercom, so that the parents are able to soothe mild situations with voice, without entering the same room as the child.

This feature is one that sets this system apart from typical one-sided audio monitors that occupied many infants’ rooms a few years ago.

Where it Lets Down

Although this VTech Safe & Sounds System sets itself apart with several features, there are a few cons that might remove it from the ranks of the best baby monitor.

The multiple camera feature is handy for parents of more than one child, but the trick is that audio does not come through to the parents’ side if there is more than one camera being picked up.

The individual screens show scales that indicate visually which room a noise is coming from, but the parent receiver does not actually make noise, posing a problem for parents who are using the monitor while they sleep.

This negative characteristic might be enough for some parents of multiples to refuse this system, especially if the primary use of the monitor is while they are sleeping.

Another point to consider is the lifespan of the product. If you go through all the baby monitor reviews shared by owners of this product, you will learn that quite a number of owners complain about their unit breaking down sooner than expected.

But if you do a more thorough reviews, you will find that the number of such cases is not particularly alarming. I would think it is still within the tolerable limit of imperfect manufacturing process. Occasionally, you tend to hit a lemon but that doesn’t mean a product is bad.

In Conclusion

The purchase of a baby monitor is a highly personal decision made by the parents of an infant. There is no way to determine what will be, universally, the best baby monitor.

For those who are looking for mid-range baby monitor solution, this might be among the best you ought to consider. It works flawlessly and it delivers what it promises to deliver.

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